” Participation and Recreation Through Inclusive Martial Arts Education and E-learning ”

Start: 01-09-2019 – End: 28-02-2022
Project Reference
: 2019-1-UK01-KA204-061975

PRIMAE is funded through the Erasmus + KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education Call 2019.

The overarching ambition for the impact of the project is to increase levels of engagement in inclusive coach education, especially for persons with a disability in Europe. A secondary effect will be to increase physical activity among persons with a disability in Europe through improving the knowledge, skills, and understanding of martial arts.

An Inclusive eLearning Best Practice report, Inclusive Curriculum, Inclusive Pedagogical Plan, and Inclusive eLearning course in physical activity (martial arts) and education on an eLearning platform will be created using the ADDIE methodology to provide learners with and without a disability with the specific opportunity to gain the following accredited and regulated Awards and Certificates on the European Qualification Framework.

You can find more information in the Erasmus+ Website of the project: